Zhide Wine Research Institute is an organization based on wine industry and dedicated to the analysis of wine market, pattern of consumption, wine culture etc. All the theories are originated by actual marketing practice in order to set up the most professional Think Tank of Chinese wine industry.


Zhide Wine Research Institute is initiated by Zhide consulting, supported by massive consulting resources of Northwest A & F University, Chinese Wine Association, Local Wine Associations, Wine Passionate Association, Sino-Foreign Culture exchange Organization, united media, opinion leaders, sommeliers of China and abroad, wine experts and scholars. 


International perspective and localized operations: Zhide Wine Research Institute’s study centers on the wine industry and market development, by utilizing its advantage of resource, conducts analysis on Chinese wine market, domestic and foreign wine development, market operations, pattern of consumption and marketing etc. The researches are accomplished on the respect of markets so as to offer the most valuable data reference and solutions for market practice. The current stage, Zhide Wine Research Institute’s missions are three fold: info collection for the purpose of compiling <China Wine Weekly>, wine consulting and training, which contributes the development of wine companies and brand-building.


Our modes of cooperation:
- Learn more about and master the dynamic news in Chinese wine market by our periodical China Wine Weekly.
- Assist your company in holding Wine Tasting in China, make researches on Chinese consumers' reactions about your products, and improve the brand awareness of your products.
- Help your company do a good job on the brand culture promotion in China, including brand naming, brochure production, terminal image design, and attending wine exhibitions in Chinese market, etc.
- Have cooperation in depth! As your company's office in China, the content of cooperation includes brand culture promotion, brand integration in China, market pricing strategy, marketing strategy, terminal sales strategy, and dealer management, etc.

Every positive attempt leads to the advance of market practice and development. It also sets the platform for research, application and cooperation.